GSBC Mexico Missions Trip 2017

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Our group from Golden State Baptist College has been in Mexico visiting the ministries of Missionary Luis Ramos in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  We enjoyed visiting on the bus routes all day Saturday, from 10:00 am until after 6:00 pm.  We saw several saved out soul winning and were able to spend a great time with the students of the Bible College in San Luis Potosi.  Every Saturday the students leave the college campus on city buses.  When they arrive on their bus routes, they go out soul winning until early afternoon, then break for lunch about 2:00 pm.  After lunch, they visit their riders and visitors and have Bible Clubs on their routes.  They get back to the campus in the early evening.

The church and college run eighteen bus routes.  They rent each bus for around $70 per route.  Sunday morning the students leave the campus once again on city buses and meet up with their bus on the route.  The buses are forty-passenger buses, but they load them with about 70 passengers!  The students stay out all day Sunday afternoon on their routes and run the routes again on Sunday evenings.  It was a privilege for our group to experience this with them.

Throughout the week we have been able to see several ministries in the region.  Our group visited Bethesda Children’s Home.  It was such a touching experience to see these children and hear of the grace of God in their lives as the very capable staff work with them 24 hours a day.

We also saw the printing ministry, which produces thousands of New Testaments, John & Romans, and tracts each week.  These materials are provided for the churches in nearly thirty countries in Latin America.

We have also seen several churches that have been started by the graduates of the college.  Over seventy churches have been started in Mexico and Latin America by men sent out from this church.

What a privilege it has been to spend this time with our dear friend and his wife, Pastor Luis and Karen Ramos.  Our hearts have been touched, and we have been challenged by what we have experienced on this trip.